Thursday, January 3, 2013


This was actually written in Dubai, but didn't upload properly.

Well, I'm here, and mostly intact. Apart from a fourteen hour plane ride I'm the middle of upset children central, it was quite pleasant. I got to see the sun rise over Greenland and the Atlantic, and turkey was quite beautiful by air.

In other need, Dubai international airport is quite possibly the largest airport I've ever traveled through.

There is a giant spice market near my gate, with this lovely gigantic brass camel.

There's a charity money bin with at least five different currencies.

It took me almost give minutes to find my flight on their departures board.

I accidentally found the women's prayer rooms too.
I'm about to board the plane to Australia now, so peace off!

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  1. Maybe you can pick up the camel on the way back? I love seeing the art and craft work of the ME. Thanks for sharing!