Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thoughts from atop the stove

Over my past almost-two-weeks here in Australia, I've noticed quite a few things. I figured I'd share the joy.

Cross the road at your own peril. Pedestrians don't have the right-of-way, and cars take a sadistic delight in accelerating toward unsuspecting teenage girls.

When living, breathing, sleeping, eating, and hanging out with 22 girls, one definitely starts to collect some ... Interesting dance moves.

I didn't expect to end up clambering on top of two industrial gas stoves to cerulean the ceiling and vents, but it is surprisingly fun. Especially when there is music playing.

New dance moves and stove climbing should never be combined.

All the Australian stereotypes are true. Don't ask me how, but they manage to be very nice and also very not at the same time.

If an Australian offers you a spoonful of what looks to be thick molasses, I hope you have a strong stomach. Alternatively, find a waste basket before eating. But definitely eat it.

Late night waffle runs are an opportunity not to be missed, as are early morning exercises, Saturday and Sunday dinners, and bubble tea.


  1. I'm skeptical that there may be a typo in this post -- but I choose to believe instead that you were painting the ceiling blue in a verbifying fashion. It fits with the general air of finding joyous whimsy in everyday life which the whole post possesses!

  2. Lol sounds awesome!!! I truly wish I could have seen those dance moves... :D Its so good to hear from you about all your adventures!